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  • Taxing Your Car
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    Taxing Your Car

    If you have not received or do not have a Tax Return Online reminder form, you can tax your car using online tax return  form – ‘Vehicle Licence Application’.
    If you live in Australia, you can contact tax accountant Sydney , tax accountant North Sydney or tax accountant Melbourne for office appointments.

    The documents that you possess will determine whether you can apply for your tax disc at a Post Office, online or whether you have to go to your local DVLA office.

    Our guide looks at how to tax your car without a reminder.

    When to apply for your tax disc

    If your tax disc is due to expire at the end of the month then you can renew if from the fifth day of the same month.  So, if your car tax is scheduled to run out at the end of November you can renew it on 5th November or later.

    If your car isn’t taxed – perhaps you have just purchased it or the tax disc has run out – then you can tax it from the first day of the month in which you apply.

    How to tax your car

    If you’re the registered keeper of your car, you can renew your tax by using the reference number on your Registration Certificate (V5C).  You can do this online or by telephone.

  • How Much Tax Do You Pay On Petrol?
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    How Much Tax Do You Pay On Petrol?

    The cost of filling up your car has risen significantly over the last few years.  Indeed, the Daily Mail recently reported that a family with two cars has spent an average of £241.54 more on petrol this summer than they did a year ago.

    The increasing cost of petrol and diesel is often blamed on rising oil prices, but is this really the whole story?  Our guide looks at exactly how much the oil price affects a litre of fuel and what impact taxes have on the cost of filling up at the pumps.

    Oil less than half the cost of a litre of fuel

    Contrary to what you might believe, it’s not oil companies that take the biggest share of the cost of a litre of petrol or diesel.  A recent BBC report showed that in October 2011, the cost of the oil represented just 45.2p of the price of a litre of petrol costing 134.1p.   And, the cost of oil represented just 51.1p of the price of a litre of diesel at 138.4p.

    Even when you add a 1.5p per litre cost for the cost of refining, the actual basic cost of the fuel is still well under half the pump price of a litre.

    The report also found that the fuel retailer, on average, takes 7.1p on a litre of petrol and just 4.7p on a litre of diesel.

  • How To Tax Your Vehicle When You’re Abroad CAR TAX, ROAD TAX
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    How To Tax Your Vehicle When You’re Abroad CAR TAX, ROAD TAX

    It’s always the way, isn’t it? Just at the time that your car tax needs to be renewed, you realise that you will be abroad on holiday or on business.

    However, don’t panic.  There are ways that you can tax your vehicle if you’re going to be overseas when your tax expires.  Our guide looks at your various options.

    Tax your vehicle in advance

    If your tax will expire whilst you are abroad, you can renew your tax up to two calendar months in advance.  You can do this in person or by post at a Post Office® branch that deals with advance applications or at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) local office.

    You should take or send:

    • A completed V10 ‘vehicle licence application’
    • Your registration certificate
    • The payment for the tax
    • An MOT certificate that must be valid when the tax disc comes into force (if applicable)
    • An insurance certificate or cover note that must be valid when the tax disc comes into force

    If you are making a postal application you should also include a letter explaining why you are taxing in advance.
    You can have your tax disc sent to an overseas address.  To do this you should supply the foreign address in a covering letter and include this with your tax disc application. Your Great Britain address must be written on the V10 ‘Application for a tax disc’ form.

  • Petrol prices
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    Petrol prices

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