Exchanging your Tax Disc

Exchanging your Tax Disc

Have you changed the construction or use of your vehicle?  If so, the tax class or the amount of road tax that you will pay may have changed.

In this case, you’ll have to exchange your tax disc.  Keep reading to find out when you have to exchange your tax disc and how you do this.

When you have to exchange your tax disc

You should apply to exchange your tax disc if:

  • You change the type of fuel your vehicle uses
  • The cylinder capacity (cc) of your engine changes
  • The tax class of your vehicle changes
  • You change the use of a vehicle you have just bought
  • You alter the number of seats on a bus

If you change the engine size or the fuel type which results in a lower rate of road tax you will have to provide documentary evidence of this change to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

How to exchange your tax disc

You can exchange your tax disc at your local DVLA office, either in person or by post.  For private and light goods vehicles you will need to send or take:

  • A V70 form , called ‘Exchange of Vehicle Licence Application Form’ (this can be downloaded or collected from any Post Office® branch or DVLA local office)
  • A valid insurance certificate
  • A valid MOT test certificate (if needed)
  • Your current tax disc
  • Your Registration Certificate with any changes marked on it
  • Documentary evidence of a reduction in engine size of a change in the type of fuel (as above)
  • Any extra payment that is required

For lorries and buses the requirements are broadly the same except you may also need to provide a plating and weight certificate.

Paying any extra road tax that is due

If you exchange your tax disc you may have to pay an additional amount of road tax if your vehicle is now in a different class.

To work out the amount of additional road tax that you should pay, you should follow this four step process:

1. Work out the new rate of vehicle tax you have to pay

2. Work out the difference between the new rate of tax and your current rate of road tax

3. Divide the difference by the period of your current tax disc (6 or 12 months)

4. Multiply this by the number of months left to run on your current tax disc

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2 Responses to “Exchanging your Tax Disc”

  1. Chris E
    21. Nov, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    My tax disc has two months left to run and the tax band I am in is now £30 more than the previous one. How much additional car tax do I owe?

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    • admin
      21. Nov, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

      Chris – thanks for your question.

      You will owe an additional £5 assuming you have a 12 month tax disc.

      £30 additional divide by 12 is £2.50. You have two months left to run so you’ll pay £2.50 x 2 = £5.

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